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The Gardener on 4th Street in Berkeley
Furniture from The Gardener on Fourth Street, Berkeley
Outside the Gardener on 4th Street, Berkeley, California
The Gardener
Berkeley - Healdsburg - San Francisco
1836 Fourth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

(510) 548-4545

Mon-Sat, 10-6
Sunday, 11-6

When we opened in Berkeley, in 1984, I assembled good tools for the gardener, vessels of all sizes — mostly ceramic or glass — to hold the beauty and bounty collected from outdoors, lavish books on garden design and history and practical ones with information to help the beginner succeed or to better the knowledge of long-time gardeners. We had herbal soaps and lotions and large granite-topped dining tables. It was really about the pleasure of beautiful, functional objects, the type that served to enrich me from one day to the next. My first goal was to celebrate the season and provide a fresh and stimulating experience every day for every person who visited us. That remains my goal today.
—Alta Tingle, Owner