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One of the best ways to reduce landfill is by using quality products that last. It’s just one of the reasons we offer tools that endure as you tackle projects, get your hands dirty, and make an impact on the world.

Tools for Nomads™

As creative professionals, our office has to fit in a bag. In the course of one day, we might be working on a plane, a train, a cafe, and a park bench before ending up at our office or studio. Working this way requires the right tools, and frankly, the cheap, predictable supplies from the bloated superstores weren’t helping us and weren’t inspiring us. And buying products that would one day likely end up in a landfill didn’t seem right. We longed for the days our grandparents knew, when a person could buy a good tool that would last a lifetime and might even be passed down to the next generation.

At Kolo Topdrawer, we offer products curated from around the world, tools you’ll only need to buy once, that will help you do your best work wherever you are. Our tools revolve around four core activities in a creative mobile life: working, photographing, eating, and traveling.